Domain Randomly became Inaccessible?

Domain in question:

This site is built on MongoDB Atlas, Heroku, and Cloudflare (domain registered via CF as well).
Used this site to test and learn, website worked perfectly.

I haven’t made any changes whatsoever, after a few days I check on it and the site can’t be reached. I do not see any errors and cannot find any logs as to when/why this happened. The app still works on Heroku, the database is still online on MongoDB Atlas. I have an SSL certificate automatically managed on heroku connected to cloudflare, on Cloudflare its set to DNS only with FULL encryption, this configuration was fully functional for multiple days but as of yesterday I noticed the site cannot be reached. I am new to web development and have no idea where to even start to diagnose. Every tab I’ve gone through on Cloudflare doesn’t show any errors or logs as to when this happened (I am using the ‘free’ version, but domain is fully registered for a year).

Your domain is on clientHold status. You’ll need to open a Registrar ticket to handle this.

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Wow, you answered my question in literally 5 minutes. Thank you

How did you diagnose it so quickly? I’d like to learn for myself

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did you use the lookup tool on ICANN?

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Typed (well, pasted) whois at the command line.

You can use any online whois tool as well.


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