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Hi, I bought a domain yesterday and added it to Cloudflare. It appears to be currently active. But when I apply the forwarding rule for that domain it doesn’t give any result. When I check with public whois services, I see that any public ip related with that domain. What should I do about it? Thanks.

domain is

Hello there,

As I see now, your domain does not have a valid DNS. Check it here:

You may contact the registrar in this case or cross check by yourself.

thanks for your reply.That means, i must contact the company where i bought that domain, right?

You are correct. Else, you may wait for few hours if there’s no update.

thanks neiljay. Do i need hosting services for that public ip? Or writing Cloudflare’s ns servers to domain panel is enough?

Here’s the issue with the registrar providing DNS. Hosting isn’t involved here.

thanks for everything (y)

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