Domain provider can't change to Cloudflare NS

When I try to change the nameserver for my domain, my domain provider gets a error back from Cloudflare.

They say it is something related to this: Inconsistent set of NS RRs (IP, NS host names) cloudflare

Can someone help me?


Which are the nameservers you were given and did you previously have this domain added to another Cloudflare account?

These are the nameservers:

No, I am 99% sure that it has never been attributed to another CF account.

Currently Cloudflare announces brad and eva as nameservers for your domain. Considering they do not match what you were given it is likely the domain is associated with another account.

If you cant change the nameservers at your registrar you can only follow the advice in the article you posted.

Should be great if he can contact support as with specific issues like these they are the best solution possible.

Thats what the posting (not sure why I wrote “article” :man_shrugging:) is actually suggesting.

The registrar should fix that but if they wont only support can assist.

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