Domain Propogation Error + Maybe DNS Records

I have a couple of domains set up through Cloudflare and they are not showing the correct nameservers through I set my domain up using the nameservers to my hosting company. I set up one of the domains over three days ago.

I don’t know what the issue is but not only are the correct nameservers not showing, but it says I am getting too many directs while trying to login to

How many MX records should I use because the email service uses two nameservers for email? and If I don’t need to use both of them, which one should I use? Does it make a difference if I set them up as MX records?

As far as when Cloudflare got my DNS settings, it got for one of the TXT records default_domainkey and added all of the setup info. Am I supposed to have the default_domain key for one of the TXT records? Or do I need to delete that record?

Do I really need any kind of text record at all?


I installed WordPress on

Resolves and loads fine for me and at

It really might be just a propagation issue in your case.

It has been over 36 hours and the domain has still not propogated to point to my hosting company from Cloudflare

Here’s what I get when I try to login to wordpress

That is not a propagation issue, that is probably a missing certificate on your end, respectively at least an improper SSL setup. Do you have a certificate on your server?

No, I don’t have a certificate on my server. Does a certificate have to be setup on my server first to be able to install wordpress on https: protocol?

Yes, for HTTPS you need a certificate on your server. The Cloudflare certificate is only for Cloudflare’s proxies. Install a certificate, switch your SSL mode to “Full strict”, and it will most likely work.

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Okay, thank you @sandro!

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