Domain problem?

After registering a domain, doesn’t see it
Uploading: qwer4.jpg…
Uploading: qwer3.jpg…


I am sorry to say, but the uploaded images looks to be broken :thinking: and something hasn’t been good with the uploading process of your screenshot.

Kindly, can you please repeat the step again and re-post or edit your post with the correct one? :thinking:

Please, describe with some more details if possible for better troubleshooting:

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After registering a domain, doesn’t see it
even though time has passed (so far less than 24 hours, about 12 hours)

And then it goes like this after many attempts

But the domain was registered and information about the domain has already appeared on who is

The error Code: 1049 means the domain isn’t registered, the domain has no name servers, the domain name servers can’t be resolved, or the domain name servers don’t contain any DNS records and as a result the domain cannot be added to Cloudflare.

You will see the temporary ban message due to trying to add the domain too many times, that should clear if you don’t try again for a while.

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How long do I have to wait if the domain is registered and the who is website gives me information?

domain exists, but it is not found here is information about the domain:

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