Domain Problem

Hello There!
I designed my subdomain and I wanted to connect my subdomain on cloud flare but when I come on cloud flare it says enter your domain, not subdomain and entered my domain
and I connected my DNS to Cloudflare and after 15 mints my subdomain was perfectly but after an hour later my subdomain was not working it shows this error:

This site can’t be reached

www shop mrvilen com ’s server IP address could not be found.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


I researched on youtube why it is coming and most people say it was coming because of DNS and saw my DNS all settings were correct and I checked my hosting and domain all are correctly connected and working but the subdomain website is not opening and my main domain website is opening kindly help me

Here Are Details Of My Domain
Domain Name: mrvilen com
Sub-Domain: shop mrvilen com
I purchased My Domain On Godaddy
Hosting Is Indian Company whose name is: ResellerClub

And For Now I am Disconnecting Cloud Flare To my Website, If anyone got solution then kindly reply me

  1. Yes, there’s no DNS record for It would probably be an “A” record with an IP address like the others.
  2. If you do choose to use www in front of a subdomain, Cloudflare’s free Universal SSL cert won’t cover it because it’s too deep of a subdomain. I recommend you not use www in front of a subdomain. But read on if you really want to.

Firstly Thank You For Replying to Me

And if you can help me brief details why it is coming and how to solve this, because when I create another subdomain and put that subdomain records in DNS it was working in 10 mins but my main subdomain which name is: it will not open and I have already put it in DNS records maybe this is another problem

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