Domain Privacy for transfers

Hello, I’ve seen several posts that state Cloudflare offers domain privacy. I transferred two new sites this morning to Cloudflare and received one sales call within the hour offering services for my new site. Another sales text was sent just a few minutes ago. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere to keep my info private?

With Cloudflare registrar your information is private, but it sounds like you’ve added a site to Cloudflare (but not transferred a domain to Cloudflare Registrar). Is that correct? I do see the domains on Cloudflare registrar and see the data is redacted. I imagine your information was pulled prior to transfer to our registrar. Did you/can you ask the folks that are contacting you how they got your information. I had a few domains I registered years ago on godaddy and remember I was getting calls left right and center on site design services, hosting et al. I have since added a lot of domains to cf registrar and I do not get those marketing outreach attempts.

I think I am familiar with those messages you received. But, I am pretty sure they are not coming from Cloudflare. What is/are the domain/s in question?

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