Domain points to a different IP

Yesterday I setup a A-Record and a CNAME to my VPN-IP. I check it again, it is the right one. Today when I test with ping -n 1 DomainName, I get not the IP ! Where should I look?

You will see Cloudflare IPs when the domain is proxied :orange: through Cloudflare.

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Both entries are proxied by cloudflare; since yesterday …

Yes, that would be why you are seeing a different IP address.

Thanks! I changed to “DNS Only” and it is working! What is the difference?

I think with DNS-Proxie on: I can not make access to a port execpt 80 and 443, but I want to use Port 4000

Proxying the DNS record :orange: is required for Cloudflare’s caching, DDoS protection, WAF and other features to work.

If proxying is disabled :grey:, Cloudflare does not touch your traffic at all.

In that case you will need to disable proxying. By default Cloudflare only supports HTTP(S) traffic and only on certain ports. See: Network ports · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs.

Thanks for the answer! I think I try using subdomains instead of ports …
I’m just starting to think about it…
This is all new territory for me

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