Domain pointing to the wrong site


Signed up for a free cloudflare SSL for a non profit. followed the instructions and now our site is pointing to another website? (our domain)

name servers

ARMFAZH.NS.CLOUDFLARE. COM (has 17,833,086 domains)
MEERA.NS.CLOUDFLARE. COM (has 17,833,086 domains)

Accidentally pointing to

Their name servers are

NS1.NITROTEK. COM (has 30 domains)
NS2.NITROTEK .COM (has 30 domains)

Which is our host.

That’s a sign of a misconfigured server. Considering that the site that shows up begins with an “a”, I’m led to believe that any requests the server can’t properly direct end up going to the first site on the list.

For now, I suggest you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview tab (lower right corner), then wait five minutes. Make sure your site loads correctly with HTTPS at the server before you UnPause Cloudflare.


Any suggestions on what we should tell our host to get the matter resolved?

Kindly, may I ask if this topic is about or

As far as I see, the one domain does not have any redirection to another or not a similar content (at least to me).

@brian11 is this resolved or do you have some more issues?

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