Domain pointing to Cloudflare nameservers- how to change?

Hi. I have a .ie website that’s hosted and registered with company X.The domain expired. I contacted X and re-registered it but it wasn’t live after 24 hours.

I contacted X, they said the domain was pointing to Cloudflare nameservers before it expired however when it was re-registered Xs end it defaulted to XNameservers.

X changed the Nameservers to point back to Cloudflare so this should bring the website back live- but it didn’t.
X told me-Can you login to your cloudflare account and see if the Nameservers have changed for that domain I have a feeling you need to re-add the domain on cloudflare.

AFAIK I don’t have a Cloudflare account (I created one to access this community). X told me that the developer or past company that hosted my site could have done this.
It seems impossible for me to talk to anyone at Cloudflare, I created a Support ticket but that gave an automated reply:

  • documentation
  • chat with Cloudflare (but need paid account)
  • ask community.

Anyone know where I should go from here please?
Thanks in advance,

Your only option is to contact the company that put your site on Cloudflare.

Support will not be able to help you, as the account you want to access is not yours.

If that doesn’t work, you should ask X what DNS records are required for your website and either create those on X’s nameservers or in your new Cloudflare account if you want to keep using CF.


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