[Domain Pointing Over To Old Servers] Propagation Related?

My domain bbworkshop dot com was originally connected to a platform called “ClickFunnels”.

More than 24 hours ago, I removed and detached everything from ClickFunnels, essentially pointing the domain over to a separate server. I no longer want to park this domain under ClickFunnels.

However, after more than 24 hours, the root domain is still pointing over to ClickFunnels.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Removed and Added the domain into Cloudflare and setup Page Rules again
  2. Removed and Added the domain from my new page builder, and setup domain settings again
  3. Purged all cache from within Cloudflare

… so technically there’s no reason for my domain to still show me ClickFunnels’ home page.

www.bbworkshop dot com << this works! (it’s my new hosting page builder)

bbworkshop dot com << this doesn’t work! (it’s still pointing to ClickFunnels)

Definitely appreciate any advice on what my next course of action should be.

Thank you!

It has now been close to 48 hours…

The root domain is still pointing to the old servers, anyone has any idea what I should be doing / or if I’m doing anything incorrectly?


Get in touch with ClickFunnels and inform them that they haven’t properly removed the churned hostname from their SSL for SaaS setup, so your domain’s traffic is still being sent over to them.


Just reached out to ClickFunnels and they said the only thing that I can do now is WAIT, as it can take up to 72 hours for domains to propagate.

In my experience, at most, it’s anywhere from 24-48 hours (in some cases within the hour), so it’s weird that this is happening.

72 hours… any truth in that?

Depends what they’re referring to.

This isn’t an issue with DNS propagation, it’ll be a near-instant thing once they remove your domain properly from their platform.

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I was reading an email thread, and it could potentially have similarities:
==> Old site won't resolve and Clickfunnels can't figure out why

However, the solution was to email Cloudflare’s support team so that they can escalate this and straightened out the DNS records from their end.

As I do not have direct access to email support, how should I go about this?

It’s been more than 72 hours since I initiated the domain’s DNS change.

It’s been more than 72 hours, it had its time for propagation.

Can someone from the Cloudflare team assist me please?

Appreciate it!!

BUMP. Can anyone from the Cloudflare team assist me? Thank you!

BUMP. Can anyone from the Cloudflare team assist me? Thank you!

Clickfunnels should be able to fix this…and quickly. They’re usually better than this.

If they still won’t help, you’ll have to open a ticket here via email to: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Post the ticket # here so we can escalate and it will be reopened.

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