Domain pointed to Cloudflare DNS; will forward to another Domain. Zone records are missing

I have an embarrassing memory lapse here.

I have MyMainDomain working with Cloudflare.

I have a dozen domain aliases that I forward back to MyMainDomain using the Cloudflare Bulk Redirects feature.

It’s been several months since I’ve added a domain alias, and I simply can’t remember what step I’m missing. All my aliases (including my latest) use the CF provided name servers, Lucy and Patrick.

Looking at another domain alias, it has A, AAAA and CNAME records setup. I don’t have any memory of adding those manually. But I did notice my problematic domain has none of these records.

My recollection is the domain aliases just inherited the proper Zone records when I did the Bulk Redirect process.

Thanks in advance for offering insight!

A couple of screenshots if it helps.

And the domain that isn’t working.

If you are forwarding a domain, then you need a proxied DNS record. Use A or AAAA 100:: as dummy records for redirected domains.

In the domain that you say works, it looks like you have Cloudflare IP addresses as A/AAAA records. If you are for a redirected domain as well, those are ignored so you could also replace those with the dummy record to remind you they are for a redirect and not an actual origin IP address.


I was able to chat Cloudflare support. Since I’m using Bulk Redirects, the A, CNAME records of the aliased domain aren’t even used. Yet the have to be there - which got me confused.

So I borrowed values from another alias, and that got me past the issue. Everything works now.

Thanks for the help, though. In hindsight your method would have also worked, but I wouldn’t have known even those values were ignored.

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