Domain pointed to Cloudflare DNS But IP address still showing my host IP?

HI Support,

I need help I have pointed 2 of my domain to Cloudflare DNS name server But the IP address still showing my host IP? What should I do now? it suppose to show as Cloudflare IP instead?

It is supposed to be Cloudflare’s IP, are your records :orange:?

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Hi Matteo,

Is there a way I can drop you a private email on my domain?

Ideally everything should remain here. Any specific reason why the domain can’t be disclosed? Would you mind checking and replying me about my previous inquiry? This is the main reason (other than some Name Server misconfiguration, but it seems unlikely as Cloudflare’s Dashboard would show it).

I would prefer to keep in undisclosed. Does this forum allow PM?

Fine with me! I will write you in a few (won’t be able to help now as I am busy), you can’t initiate them!

Just a disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Cloudflare, I am a user just like you. If you want to keep the info between you and Cloudflare you should contact support directly.

Your root and www records appear to resolve to Cloudflare IPs when I tested. You have an unproxied wildcard record so will resolve to your origin IP as does your Mx record since Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SMTP traffic.

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Thanks Chris for jumping in! The doubt I had was confirmed then, no need to write him a PM!

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