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Hello everyone,

I am new and have questions and some problem,

First of all the whole system works well here is some photo in the attachment

I’ll explain the problem to you:
When I test sending ping to “hydro … com” I receive the IP of my VPS server and when I send ping to “www.hydro … com” I receive the IP from Cloudflare all simply I want to understand why I receive on the first ping request the IP of my VPS and if I use “www” I receive that of cloudflare? on the photos and writing them I hid the exact domain name and the ip. (To avoid publicity and safety)

I wish you excellent work.

It sounds like your hydro DNS entry is set to :grey: (DNS Only), but the ‘www’ entry is set to :orange: Proxied.

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Here my DNS Management config

Without the actual domain name, we can’t check, but you can also test at

It’s also possible that you have a local hosts file on your device so it’s not using DNS for that hostname.

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ok if it doesn’t fit in the ad the domain name is:

I registered it with GoDaddy (just the domain) and added the IP of VPS separately with A Type of DNS Management

Both of my pings go to Cloudflare IP addresses. DNSChecker also shows Cloudflare addresses.

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Totally strange before I created the topic I took pictures from cmd but I could not add at the beginning the two images at the same time (for the new ones in the community max image is 1) in any case thank you very much for your help and advise :slight_smile:

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