Domain pending - Update the nameservers


I just bought a new domain at cloudflare and now it`s asking me to update the nameservers.
The nameservers should be:

If I follow the instructions and check the nameservers at icann it shows the following nameservers:

I don`t see any place where I can update the nameservers at cloudflare.

I already opened a ticket but no help. Domain:

Anyone have some thoughts on what could I do to fix the pending state?

Make sure this was a Cloudflare Registrar ticket. A ticket is the only way to fix this.


I see your ticket 3270155 @raphaelzum and will flag for my colleagues.

For anyone downtheline, this is typically caused by removed a cloudflare registrar domain from your dash and the correct solution at the moment is as @sjr mentioned, via a Cloudflare Registrar ticket.


Hi @cloonan,

I believe I just found out my problem. I don`t know how I bought this domain using another account where I sign in with Apple.
But my main e-mail is a gmail.

I believe maybe now I will be able to solve this.

If I login with my Apple account it shows the domain is Active
If I login with my gmail mail it shows the domain pending.

I will work on this now.


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