Domain page is unreachable after connecting to Cloudflare

A few hours ago, I decided to connect my domain from Hostgator to Cloudflare. Everything was working fine until suddenly, everything crashed. I can neither reach my domain page nor log into my Wordpress site. I have been told from Hostgator that the domain DNS of Cloudflare needs to be configured and pointed to my hosting ip address to make it work. How do i do it in Cloudflare?

Maybe this is the problem or maybe not… How do I solve this problem?

What is the domain?

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Yes, that’s what you need to do. There’s nothing in your DNS records to point at your site at the moment…

You need to get the relevant A/AAAA or CNAME records to use from Hostgator and put them in your dashboard here…


alright how do i do this?

Obtain the relevant addresses from your hosting provider. Use them in your DNS records.

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thank you, I’ll check the info :slight_smile:

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