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HELP… My Positive SSL certificate is through Westhost, but my when my website was set up my web developer at the time has my hosting through Cloudflare. I am trying to update my CNAME record with the renewal of my SSL. When I go to Cloudflare and add new record, it does nothing. when I scroll down and look at the previous record there is this little blue explanation mark next to the current record with the message “this record is managed externally, please contact your service provider”. It is managed through Cloudflare. We had this problem last year. I am ready to quit Cloudflare all together!!! Please tell me how I get the CNAME record updated so I can get it validated through Westhost.
Please keep in mind, that my web developer, who struggled getting this answered for 2 months last year has retired suddenly and left me to handle this. I am totally out of my zone with this type of stuff, so it needs to be an answer for dummies :slight_smile:

If it says the record is managed externally it usually means that it was set up with cpanel or plesk. Do you know if you have these install on your host?

I have no idea. at this point i don’t even now who my host is :frowning: I have Westhost for something, GoDaddy for somthing and Cloudflare. I have spend 2 hours on the phone with GoDaddy and they cannot help me, they say I have to work with Cloudflare.

Alright, if you can give me the domain I might be able to do some digging to find out (which is way outside of this communities intended purpose). From my first guess is that your domain is registered with GoDaddy and you use Cloudflare for DNS and hosted with Westhost.

I am assuming you have logins to all those providers. I would log in into Westhost control panel and see if you can do anything there with Cloudflare.

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Hi @northpolesantaletter, @Cyb3r-Jak3 seems to have given a good outline of your environment and steps forward! You are on a full plan directly through Cloudflare, and I see the cname record you reference.

And, I see * SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired on the origin.

Does the renewal data look like the data that’s in that CNAME now? If so, have you tried to click into the field and paste the new data? And regarding “it does nothing”, can you elaborate, the record does not save if you add it? Or, the certificate is not renewed?

I did a bit of digging and see your other tickets. In reading them, I’m sorry as I’m not sure what was the ultimate resolution. But, I did catch this reference about a year ago, “It looks like the SSL certificate for that domain has deployed automatically. For any domains on a “Full” setup, as long as they are active with Cloudflare nothing else needs to be done. Only for domains on a “partial” setup do you need to add a DCV record, and then only at the authoritative nameservers.”

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