Domain on godaddy, hosting namecheap Can i use Cloudflare?

Is this possible to do? I can’t remember exactly what i did, but i had an account on godaddy, and pointed that domain to my hosting on namecheap. I then built the website with the native web builder on Namecheap, and it is live now. However i want to try cloudflare since my website loading is super slow, but now Cloudflare is asking me to complete my nameserver setup. What am i supposed to do?

Thank you!!

Yes, if your domain nameservers are pointed to Cloudflare nameservers.
Meaning, you can check your current nameservers at your domain name registrar - GoDaddy.
Therefore, when you add your domain name to your Cloudflare account, in the process you will be given the Cloudflare nameservers to which you have point your domain name (you change them at GoDaddy interface for your domain name).

You can check who is your domain name registrar by entering your domain name (with TLD extension) using a public WHOIS service.

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oh thats good news, thank you!

When i pointed to my domain on Godaddy to my hosting on Namecheap , Namecheap support recommended me 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Set the A Record at the domain registrar to point to the hosting IP address, or
  2. Set the nameservers at the domain registrar to that of the hosting account

I did 1). So now if I do 2) but instead of pointing to my hosting account, i point to Cloudflare, this would work? Sorry if i am not understanding correctly, it is my first time hosting a website.

Thanks again!

You should do the 2nd option - make sure your domain name at your domain registrar (GoDaddy) is using Cloudflare nameservers - which you are (or will be) given in the procedure of adding your domain name (zone) to your Cloudflare account (one of the steps, or the last one where you will se the notice like “Please change the domain nameservers from current ABC to Cloudflare nameservers DEF”.

May I add here for the reference below helpful step-by-step article:

Therefore, when you navigate to the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard, you manage your DNS records where you make sure to have A www and A both pointed to your new hosting IP address.

You might have some DNS records added, because Cloudflare automatically scans for your current ones and add them.
If so, you would have to re-check for existing one, and if so, you just change the IP to the new one for A www and A - or you will see CNAME www or vice-versa.

Helpful articles below:

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