Domain on cloudflare and hosting on godaddy?

Greeting everyone,
i bought today a domain on cloudflare,, and i’m searching for a hosting site. i found godaddy which seems promising. can i use godaddy’s hosting with my cloudflare domain? or will i have some troubles with that? sorry if it’s a dumb question, i don’t have a lot of experience with hosting, domains and such, Thank you for your time and response.

You can use Cloudflare with any (or at least most) hosts. What is important is that your site is properly configured by your host and loads fine on HTTPS. Once that works, it will also work with Cloudflare.

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While I can’t give you specific recommendation for shared hosting (last time I used shared hosting was with and that was two decades ago), I’d be a bit careful with the host you chose. The company is a large one but has been involved in lots of controversies (among them the killing of elephants) and is not exactly known for stellar support either.

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