Domain on cloudfare already but not showing actually is already on Cloudflare with these names - Nameservers:

But, still Cloudflare website allows to register this domain when I try to “add a site” pls help

That’s normal. A site can be added to any account, but will not be active until the nameservers at the registrar are set to the two Cloudflare nameservers allocated to that domain in that account. This allows the domain owner to ultimately control if a site is active in a particular Cloudflare account, or change the account if you lose access to the original one.

If not activated, then the domain will eventually be automatically removed from the account.

The only way to prevent domains being added to another account are to have an Enterprise plan and activate zone hold.

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thanks for the answer, please also clarify if domain nameservers change would take 2-3 hours or the entire day? should we plan it at night time or no to avoid downtime

If your DNS records are configured correctly in the new account, then changing nameservers should result in no downtime. As the TTL expires at their resolvers, users will move from the previous nameservers to the new.

Guidance here…

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