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My domain is with another partner taht refuses to delete the domain from cloudflare, we just changed the nameservers and wish to populate the domain via cname thru cpanel, what can we do so the domain is removed from cloudflare and re added in our account?

A CNAME setup requires a Business or Enterprise plan, which is what Cloudflare partners use.

I suggest you configure the domain directly on Cloudflare through the standard onboarding process (+Add site).

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I do not think you understand my problem the partner refusesto delete the domain from their account so we can re add it into our account.


I did see that part. What happens when you try to +Add Site?

It tells us the domain is already on another account

People can hold a domain hostage but only for a limited amount of time.

@user5601 Open a ticket and explain the situation to them; they will send you some challenge to verify the ownership of the domain; after you pass it, you get the domain back on Cloudflare.

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Oh no :fearful: . The morehelp ping is for cases of urgency where you did not get help from the community in over 48 hours.

I’m not sure how exactly you should proceed in those cases. I believe that you should email the support email directly, which will create a ticket for you.

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I didn’t think you should get the ‘already on another account’ message if you added it directly here, only if you tried through another partner.

Can you post a screenshot of what you see when adding the domain directly to your Cloudflare dashboard?

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You are right. I just tried to add a domain I have on Cloudflare on another account that I own, and it allowed me to do it. It just asked me to change the DNS records.

I believe that the behavior used to be different a long time ago. Or maybe the behavior changes if the registar is Cloudflare?

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The behaviour is different if you are trying to add the domain to a partner setup rather than directly through the dashboard here.

Domains with Cloudflare Registrar can be added to a different account, but can’t be activated (as you can’t change the nameservers) so they will be dropped (usually after 30 days).


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