Domain "Not Yet Active On Cloudflare"


This is for the website BuriedLead (dot) com.

I’m currently hosted on Siteground.

I got Cloudflare CDN to help speed up the website. This is my first time doing this.

I followed the instructions and added the Cloudflare nameservers (approximately 16 hours ago at this point).

I currently see the following message:

Domain transfer complete!

Your transfer is complete, however Cloudflare may still be ensuring your nameservers are correct. If you see nameserver instructions below, then you can safely ignore them.

However, I’m still stuck at “pending nameserver update.” I know it says it usually takes 24 hours, but I’ve gotten the same messages before (like when setting up hosting) and the issues were resolved in 2 hours or faster.

To be clear, I’m not a developer or a technical person. My understanding is that hosting and CDN are two separate things, correct?

During the set-up instructions, Cloudflare had a blank on what nameservers to remove. I took this to mean that I should NOT remove my Siteground nameservers, as that’s where the site is hosted.

On the next step, I added the Cloudflare nameservers exactly as provided (copied/pasted), so no errors.

With that being said, is the pending nameserver update because it hasn’t been the full 24 hours? Or did I miss understand and was I supposed to remove the siteground nameservers even though Cloudflare had a blank and I’m not purchasing hosting through Cloudflare?

Once this is approved, this will speed up my website, right?

Also, to confirm, I checked out the link and the common solutions of “pending nameserver update.”

I made the change with the registrar (GoDaddy), not with hosting, etc.

To my understanding, I’ve followed all the instructions. Everything else I either don’t understand or doesn’t seem pertinent to the situation. Thanks!

That is absolutely right. Technically, Cloudflare is not a CDN, but for the sake of the argument let’s forget about this now :slight_smile:

Your observation here was again correct, unfortunately not your conclusion, but you can’t be blamed for that :slight_smile:

The blank is a current bug with Cloudflare and it should actually mention your nameservers there.

That’s also the issue, you must not have other nameservers than Cloudflare’s. Drop the previous nameservers and your domain will verify for Cloudflare. It may take a couple of hours, but once you have only Cloudflare nameservers, it will work fine. You just need to make sure the DNS entries on Cloudflare reflect those at your host’s, but I believe this should be correct.

Possibly :slight_smile: no guarantees

Cloudflare is not a magic bullet and can only do so much, but especially for non-dynamic content, like images, its cache may make things faster. But again, no magic bullet :slight_smile:

Last but not least on an unrelated subject, I appreciate your posting as it exactly mentions what you did, what the issue is, and which assumptions you made. Your kind of posting quite rare on the forum.

Awesome! Thank you so much!

I was confused, because I figured that maybe the bug you mentioned was intentional.

The only thing I don’t understand is how my website will still be connected to my hosting if I remove the nameservers. Is this some sort of technical “magic” that happens behind the scenes at Cloudflare? I definitely didn’t pay for hosting at Cloudflare.

I’m on the free plan and paying for the $5 APO (automatic platform optimization), which I was hoping would help with website speed.

My understanding is that Cloudflare serves as a type of intermediary, with closer servers to users based on location, which is how it could potentially be faster than the hosting I have (1 server). So it’s not a magic bullet, but could be the first step in the right direction.

With that being said, is there a “usage” limit with the free plan / APO I’m on? Or is everything ok since I have hosting on siteguard?

Right now this is a passion project that I’m hoping to scale, which is why I haven’t upgraded to the pro option or anything.

Intermediary is correct, respectively Cloudflare is simply a caching proxy service, hence not exactly a CDN.

Check out Overview · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs for more details. Essentially, your site is still with your host, you just have Cloudflare in-between and they cache non-dynamic content on the proxies, but the site itself is still served by your host, through Cloudflare.

Thank you, Sandro! Very helpful :slight_smile:

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