Domain not working on Cloudflare

We just noticed that we have a domain that is not working correctly on CF which is strange as this domain is using CF as a registrar however the following happens:

  • No analytics are showing as if there is 0 traffic when Google Analytics does show traffic
  • HTTPs redirects are not working even though we have https rewrites set to on

Other Info

  • Domain is not paused
  • Domain is on Cloudflare nameservers
  • Domain used to work fine before
  • DNS works well, its just no analytics and part SSL features aren’t working

Of course we cannot set the nameservers since this is registered by Cloudflare.

Any suggestions, thank you?

Are the nameservers pointing towards Cloudflare?

Yes of course, as described in the post, the registrar is Cloudflare and this domain used to work fine before so not sure what happened.

So what’s the issue exactly?

Sorry, but did you read the post? The analytics are not updating and are showing as 0.

@tech114 how long has this domain been active and when did you first noticd this?


@Walshy It has been on Cloudflare for 2+ years, noticed the issue in recent weeks.

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