Domain not working anymore after transfer


I have a problem which makes all my systems unreachable.

I transferred my domain from one provider to another. After the transfer, the nameserver settings were removed, so I set the nameservers to Cloudflare again (just like the initial Cloudflare setup I’ve done on the old provider).

But now none of my systems are reachable. It seems that Cloudflare is not working anymore / does not recognize my domain.

But on the Cloudflare dashboard, everything seems to be okay.

Is there a way to re-recognize my domain or have I done something wrong on the domain transfer?

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You transferred the domain registration, is that correct? Or, did you change hosting providers?

What is the domain?

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Yes, I transferred the domain registration.
My domain is “


I have just removed the domain from Cloudflare and added it again.
Now it is working.


That looks & loads ok for me, perhaps clear browser cache if you are seeing an issue.

I did notice that you’re currently bypassing cloudflare :grey: on your DNS A record, if you procy that by clicking the cloud it will turn :orange:

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