Domain not successfully propagating everywhere


Just moved one of our customer domains to cloudflare because their zone wasn’t successfully propagating everywhere out there on the internet.

Running a propagation check with tools such as would show most servers okay, but some (including google) were not up to date. The previous name server provider, GoDaddy was no help, so we moved over to cloudflare, but it looks like the same behavior is still occurring.

This is causing some inbound mail delivery issues for some senders (naturally) and I’m a little desperate to get this resolved, so any insight is really appreciated.



Hi @slmaint, dig & whois are both showing the change, as is your dashboard, is showing one location not yet updated, but all others show the change. Are you still having issues with email?


Thanks for the reply!

It looks like the customer is seeing mail flowing again from some of the recipients that were previously getting NDRs. I may have just been too impatient after the switch to Cloudflare, since it seems like things are starting to work now.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had issues similar to this with GoDaddy’s DNS as well?

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