Domain not showing on my dashboard

Year go i have transfer my domain in to cloudflare. After five months transferd domain not showing in my dashboard. then now. They emailing me domain listed to deletion.

What’s the domain?

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I have these issue in year. Completely domin not showing at dashboard. But domain working fine

I appreciate your quick reply. Today i have email from my domain vomoletly not working

It’s using Digital Ocean name servers. It was using Cloudflare name servers until mid-2019. However, Digital Ocean actually uses Cloudflare DNS, so that may confuse the system a bit.

If you don’t see it in your Cloudflare account, it could be in a different account. Double-check the email address they sent the message to.

A Support Ticket should be able to clear up any questions.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Yap. I used digitalocean ns because i need some port forwarding. Thank you

Oh, the registration did expire. It’s registered here, so I don’t even know how it ended up using Digital Ocean DNS instead of Cloudflare name servers.


I transfered domain from namecheap to cloudflare and then i used digitalocean nameservers. Is that wired. Because with cloudflare nameservers i cand use port forwarding

I tried to open support ticket. Its opening automatic response


Just reply to the automatic response, that’ll forward it to a Technical Support Engineer. Also, you can post your ticket ID here so I can take a look.

What kind of port forwarding? Port forwarding is usually on IP level, not on domain level.

thank you for your response, I do port forward for sql MySQL or NodeJS applications. I used with domain with disabled proxy on cloud flare, I try to open ticket. but showing automatic response with help document,

Well, as @sdayman said, your domain is expired. You need to either renew it in your dashboard if possible, or contact our support. If you’ve got an automated answer, please reply to the automated answer so it reaches an actual human.

Hope this helps.

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