Domain not showing any DATA but CONNECTED

Hello my domain is not showing any data, i connected it by adding the nameserver to godaddy 4 days ago.

I don’t see any informations about the domains and it seems here there is a problem of configurations please see screenshot

Mentioning that we have 2000+ users daily :confused:
Thanks for ur help !!

You have your DNS entries sent to DNS only so traffic is going direct to your origin, not through Cloudflare…

Go to your DNS and edit the entries for (@) and web subdmains (such as www) to press the switch to change the proxy status from “DNS only” to “Proxied”.

Ensure your SSL/TLS settings are set to Full (strict) if you get a “too many redirects” error.

Sorry, missed you are using Shopify. Shopify uses Cloudflare, you cannot proxy the records so you won’t be able to see the traffic within your own Cloudflare account (unless it is an Enterprise account)…

Oh i see!

So is it useless to have the plan cloudflare at 25$ i wanna setup good cdn for the pics and others good settings, i will surely hire someone to do that, btw if u are available u can contact me

It was a question for the "useless " haha sorry the data isn’t important

Shopify uses Cloudflare so your shop is already using Cloudflare’s CDN - you cannot override them with your own account (unless, as above, it is an Enterprise account).

Ah okay… so i’m just bettere to revert the domain to godaddy nameserver if there is no benefit here

Thanks mate rlly appreciate ur fast help saw u answer to others too !

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