Domain not restored after mistaken account deletion by Cloudflare

What is the name of the domain?

What is the issue you’re encountering

My previously existing domain is not showing on my dashboard

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

Submitted 2 tickets to Cloudflare

In what area can we help you?

I don’t know

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

Login to Cloudflare account
My domain is not shown

This issue has taken my site down for a week now and I am getting no response from Cloudflare after they shut down my account for no reason. Anyone have the same issue / some way I can get this fixed?

Can you share the ticket number?

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Hi - 3332087 and 3328295 - thanks

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Just to add new information here - I tried to restart the process and re-register - It didn’t work fully. The domain is now in ‘pending’ state until I update the nameservers. But I can’t seem to do that as the nameservers are run through Cloudflare and already up to date. So it is stuck in limbo.

On the plus side, all the old DNS records are still there so that is good - I just need for the domain to be moved out of pending. Any ideas?

you can see my name servers here.

Hi @levonrivers,

I’m currently investigating this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

We will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

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Hi again @levonrivers,

I would like to let you know that I have replied to you in the ticket 3332087.

Restored, thanks. I wish it hadn’t taken 8 days but glad we’re sorted.

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