Domain not resolving in

I’ve been using as a DNS resolver and came across a domain that isn’t returning as expected: I confirmed that it resolves at and, but nothing is returned from or

It appears I’m hitting the DFW nameservers based on the results of the id.server lookup shown in the “have-problems-with-1-1-1-1” posting.

I don’t manage the domain, but A, MX, and TXT records seem to be setup correctly for it when I use other resolvers.

Any thoughts on what may be going on here?

As far as I can tell the domain setup does look okay. That might be an issue with Cloudflare.


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The problem is in resolving the nameservers, Cloudflare returns a servfail while I’m able to resolve the nameservers elsewhere.

But I’m not entirely clear why these don’t resolve as they have valid glue and there doesn’t seem to be any DNSSEC failures or other obvious problems.