Domain not resolved

Domain not resolved

Please help me.

Since today I suddenly face this problem too.

Besides, I even can’t access my site…

I have the same problem with my domain.
The domain can be resolved against NS cloe|ns|cloudflare|com and newt|ns|cloudflare|com
But when I try to resolve it against any other NS server ( or it shows ‘can not be resolved’

Me too, as dnschecker shows, some dns can resolve my domain, but most of them cannot.

I guess the best way will be just to change NS and make a copy at a more reliable DNS hoster :slight_smile:

Is your domain something like “.ml”? The poster is “.ml” and mine is, too.
Maybe there is the problem?

Yes. My domain is from .ml zone. It seems there is a problem with the whole TLD

Well, at least we can confirm where the problem is… :slight_smile:

Oh, after search the twitter, the “.ml” domain has lost forever

The Malian registry has withdrawn the accreditation of Freenom.

This is something you need to discuss with your registrar, but they won’t have access either any more. You need to get a new domain.


can someone tell me a cheap/free domain alternative below 5$ renewal fees now

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