Domain not resolved when added

I have been informed by clients that when they add their domains (which are resolvable), the existing dns records are not discovered by Cloudflare when they are added. I have confirmed the issue with a test domain (

I also did a tcpdump and verified that dns requests are received and responses are sent but the records don’t get detected when the domain is added. When the domain is added the records display like this:

Also tried disabling the firewall in case there were additional requests but the issue persists.


Please share a screenshot of the error.

Is this problem happening when they add the domain to Cloudflare and no DNS records are added or just some DNS records are added?

I personally check in about the history of DNS records:

This domain has only 1 DNS A record that was seen in the last 2 years.

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Unfortunately there is no error to display, the domain gets added successfully but no records are detected/displayed (like in the screenshot at the start of the post). Importing the bind zone manually works as expected. I have removed and added the test domains a couple of times to verify.

The example domain (as well as the same with .COM) is resolvable, has a www cname which should be detected and It hasn’t changed nameservers for a while so it shouldn’t be a propagation issue. I usually test with:

It could be network related in my opinion since the requests are received and responses are sent according to tcpdump but Ι can’t verify if they get received at the Cloudflare endpoint.

The same issue happens on all machines I tested on the same network.

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