Domain not resolved after beeing transfered from other clodflare account

Our domain xxxx is showing in DNS look up as “Not Resolved”. The domain was moved from another cloudflare account and since then it stopped working. Checked using documentation the possible problems but unfortunately we couldn’t find the reason.
Domain is active
Domain DNS is directed to cloudflare from registrar page.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you change the Cloudflare nameservers at the registrar to those specified in the new Cloudflare account?

What is the domain name?

Yes, checked the nameservers, what is in the cloudflare account is in the registrar as well. My guess is in cloudflare the domain is active also with other nameservers in the other account.
We did the domain transfer to the new account as the account was hacked and we couldn’t access it anymore.


When you moved the domain to a new account did you recreate any needed DNS records on the new account?

This should not matter. A domain can only be active on one Cloudflare account, and any other copies of the domain in other peoples accounts are irrelevant. One of the reasons Cloudflare uses the two random nameservers is so that they can tell which copy of the domain is intended to be active.

Did you have DNSSEC enabled in the old account? Was it disabled at the registrar prior to changing nameservers?

solved the issue. The A record with the webflow ip wasn’t added to the cloudflare account. Thank you for the help and sorry if troubles were caused.

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