Domain not replicating

This is not the first domain I work with with Cloudflare.
I have made the changes to the registrar (google domains) to use Cloudflare NS (as I usually do with any registrar).
I have added DNS records (cname) for @ and www pointing to a server
CNAME records are not detected by any means (I use dnschecker org) as if there are NO CNAME records.
There is an error at Cloudflare level and I need help
domain allforhome dot mx

Not really an issue.

;; ANSWER SECTION:		300	IN	A		300	IN	A

CNAMEs aren’t valid at the root so they are flattened and regardless of that, proxied records will never return a CNAME and will always return IP addresses.

tl;dr your CNAME records are turned into A/AAAA records. If you require them to be CNAMEs for verification with a third party, set the records to DNS Only (:grey:)


Thank you

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