Domain not redirecting to my server

Ive set up my domain https// on cloudflare but it’s not pointing to my server. It has been plenty of time for propagation.
Fasthosts domain registration -CF- Ionos server
I have set up the dns in the same way as my other domains. any ideas?

Did you add all the appropriate A/CNAME/AAAA records?

I have and they match the other domain I have sitting on the server this is pointing to. other than the domain name of course

It’s in a redirect loop. Check this out

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Legend! That has worked for the front end, I just need the backend to catch up now so I can login to put the real site up

If you pause Cloudflare are you able to log into the admin area?

No, unfortunately not

Then it is not a Cloudflare issue. Best check the WordPress/server setup.

it’s in a redirect loop the same as the front end was.

Does it work when the site is not proxied through Cloudflare?

no, it’s weird. I have no security on the site, it’s a base wp install.

Now that Cloudflare is paused, when I visit now I am redirected to the login page. This suggests the issue pertains to the proxied site.

Have you any rules, redirects, security, etc. enabled on the domain in Cloudflare?

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