Domain not provisioned with Cloudflare / Wordpress Plugin

Hi there

I have an Domain whit an umlaut (scthö when I try to link WordPress with Cloudflare plug-in I get the following message…

It looks like your domain xn– is not provisioned with Cloudflare. Please continue to Cloudflare to secure and speed up your website.

xn– is the converted UTF-8 URL from scthö

When I try to add it, Cloudflare says this domain has already been added.
Any help or advice how I can fix this?

Cloudflare got setup automatically from its partner Hostinger.

thanks in advance!

Hello @stephan3, sorry for the difficulty you’re facing.

I do see versus xn– as active via a partner. Difference being -- versus .

$ dig ns +short

I suspect the questions may need to start with your hosting provider. Please post back and let us know how you’re progressing.

Hi @cloonan, thanky for clarifying but i assume this is a display issue on this blog post.
Somehow it displays two hyphen as one, the same applies for your statement:

the error message i got is for the right domain URL with two hyphen in the beginning, just verified that to be sure.

In other words the plugin from Cloudflare and even a 3rd party plugin named WP Fastest Cache tell me there is no zone named in my Cloudflare account, in this account the domain is listed as scthö…

so the issue must be somewhere else, maybe at the side of Cloudflare idk… any advise what i could test to delimit the root cause?

Got it, I see the zone in your account with a message on your DNS tab to add a verification record to your DNS records at your hosting provider. But…I also notice that message has no content and it appears that we’re showing a variable as opposed to your hosting provider name. I’m guessing the error on lack of content is related to the [object Object] variable we’re displaying.

Can you loop in Cloudflare Customer Support? They should be able to assist in getting valid content for the txt records so that we can verify the domain, at that point I suspect the plug issues will also be resolved. You may need to reach support AT Cloudflare DOT com via email. Please share your ticket number and I’ll keep an eye on it.

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