Domain not pointing to Host IP

Hi my domain is not pointing to Host IP, and hence will not load. Any idea how I can fix this?

Do you know what IP it’s supposed to be pointing to? If not, you should be able to find it in your host’s control panel or by asking your host what the IP to your server is.

Yes I do hosting IP

Did you create an A record to point to the server IP?

Also, edit your post to hide your server IP address to prevent someone attacking your server directly :wink:

Thanks, yes its pointing to the A record

What’s your domain?

Your website is already on Cloudflare, so the possible reasons might be your PC has an outdated DNS cache or your ISP DNS is slow in updating the DNS record.

Try reboot your router to switch to a different DNS resolver like or

Thanks, I noticed that also on cloudflare it is showing different to when I do a dns check.

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Also I want to point out, once you enable the orange cloud button :orange: you are effectively routing all the traffic to Cloudflare - hence you see the Cloudflare IP (starts with 104 or 172).

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