Domain not pointing to correct page

I am extremely new to all of this so please bear with me! The school where I work has a website that was designed by someone who uses Duda for hosting. Our domains are through Siteground. And we have Cloudflare to make Siteground and Duda communicate. Now 2 of our 3 domains are not working and I am at a complete loss on what to do next! Our contact who uses Duda is not helpful and Siteground directed me here. HELP!

I’m not sure which site you are refering to. But I do see that 2 of your domains are resulting in 404

You’ll want to check with your hosting provider to make sure you have the correct origin IPs. Once you know what records need to be added or corrected, you can make the changes via the Cloudflare DNS settings:

Managing DNS records in Cloudflare