Domain not in my DNS Zone

What is a DNS Zone and how to make it part of my account?

I am trying to set up TSL in Azure and feel a Universal certificate is suitable. I created a Cloudflare account and put my domain cloudflare. I see all the TXT, A and other record types. I changed the DNS servers at goDaddy to point to cloudflare.

When I try to create a certificate to install in Azure (the origin server?) I get an error the my domain is not in my DNS zone.

“Failed to validate requested hostname This zone is either not part of your account, or you do not have access to it. Please contact support if using a multi-user organization. (Code: 1010)”

A “Zone” is just a domain that’s been added to Cloudflare.

If you’re trying to create an Origin Certificate, you do this in the existing Domain settings in the Cloudflare dashboard: SSL/TLS -> Origin Server. If you click on Create Certificate, there’s nothing to fill out. Just click “Next” and that should be enough.

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