Domain not in cloudflare

“pending name server update”
I will update name server on domain registrar and i got confirmation mail also from domain registrar. But cloudflare status is pending name server update.

What’s your domain?

Domain nam is

According to the Public Suffix list, that’s a subdomain of It’s not an independent domain that you can add here.

EDIT: The suffix list shows it as a wildcard, I guess .np works differently that most other ccTLDs.

But i already add one domain here and that domain work properly

Well, you did not change the nameservers.

nslookup -type=ns
Address: nameserver = nameserver =

So Cloudflare is absolutely right with the pending validation as it cannot be validated yet because you did not change the nameservers, which brings us to

I update and i got confirmation mail also :pensive:

Please help me i got mail from domain registrar .
Please check this 2 screenshot

You may want to contact your registrar in that case as they obviously did not make that change - or you have to wait longer.

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Oky thank you for your suggestions and for your time. Stay safe :blush::blush:

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