Domain not found via Cloudflare (404), but subdomain works!?


I just added my domain to Cloudflare because I wanted to use a subdomain with another service.

The subdomain is working via https.
My primary domain tells me 404.
My HTTPS-Certificate is working according to Cloudflare.

In the tutorial how to setup my subdomain, they told me to set all DNS-records to “DNS Only” besides the subdomain CNAME.
Which DNS-records do I need to get my primary domain to work again?


Should work with CNAME record.

Okay, but does the origin/host for sub-domain have an SSL certificate installed, or it is “HTTPS” over Cloudflare just as is (due to being either SSL option selected on Flexible or Full SSL)?

Do you mean or Is that a 404 not found error at your origin/host?

Did you used this one or some other?:

Could you please reply with your domain name, or at least with a screenshot of your current DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard? (you can hide/mask the IP address due to privacy if concern about it)

Hi and thanks for your help.
Here are some more infos:

I have a HTTPS-Certificate installed at my host.
Cloudflare names that Full-SSL.

The 404 comes only on, not on my subdomain.
The subdomain is only an alias for another service, so that seems to work fine.

Here is a picture of my actual settings.
I changed some of the records back to „with proxy“ without success yet:


Great, that is good.

The CNAME music points to or the third-party service?

The CNAME www points to or the third-party service?

The A record points to your IPv4 address, and the AAAA also pointes to your IPv6 address, is that correct?

You written you are using Full SSL, does your SSL certificate at your host/origin containt * and (also

If the is a third-party which does not have an SSL certificate, then you should have it :grey:, or try out to make a Page Rule for to use Flexible SSL - not preffered (if you want HTTPS at browser for your visitors).

Are you sure the 404 not found error is from Cloudflare?


“music“ points to the third-party service.
„www” points to

The A and AAAA records point to my server addresses, correct.
But eventually this is the problem, since I have no own server, but a hosting package with changing IPs (from time to time).

My certificate at my hoster only contains, not my subdomains. is working via HTTPS, that should be covered by the third party.

I only know that the 404 is gone when I switch my nameServers back to the original ones.
As soon as I use the nameservers of Cloudflare I am getting 404 again.

I should mention that I am using an internal forwarding for my to a specific folder in my root directory.
But does that matter?

Do I need to write this internal forwarding to some kind of CNAME-Record?


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