Domain not connected anymore?

My Registrar was WEBSPACEKIT with Wix Editor Recently I Integrated to Ezoic they ask me to Go through Clouflare and am done now my Website from Wix is Not connected and Its Very Slow to Load in website Everything even Pictures what should i do?

Can you share some more information? What do you mean by “not connected”? Can you share some more examples about the site being slow to load? And what’s your domain?

is my website please have a look
i have attached the picture that is no more connected to wix but before i apply for ezoic i have to change name servers to my registrar which i have done now my site from wix is totally not connected?

Looking at your domain:

I see Cloudflare nameservers almost everywhere still. How recently did you change the nameservers to Wix? Also be sure you don’t have both Cloudflare AND Wix set, or that’s likely to cause issues. After you change them, it may take up to 48 hours to propagate.

According to you this one i add the set of wix because this is happening since 3 days my website is slow and pictures are all BLUR now and i recently added the set of wix name server to WEBSPACEKIT so what will you advice me for me to connect my domain exactly yo wix ?

*wix set

Wix’s support articles and their team would probably be a better place to get support for this:

That article should detail what you need to do on your domain registrar with your domain to connect it to Wix.

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this is not my first website this is second website i previously added timelessblogger(dot)com and its working perfectly

but healthylivesstyle is fooling?

you people are telling me to go to wix i finish chatting with them and they ask me to come to you now you are sending me back there? i dont know am seeking help or just moving here and there?

Your screenshot clearly says you’re not using the Wix nameservers.

So if you want to use Wix, it seems that you need to do that first.

It’s very hard to understand what you’re trying to say.

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Post Deleted can you give me helpful reply for me to finish this process quickly? i am tired moving from customer service all over i dont know why ezioc ask to integrate with Cloudflare where the service is not available ?

just help me what should i do now?

You haven’t really made it clear enough what you’re trying to do for us to “just help” you yet unfortunately. We’d love to help you, but you need to help us do that, and provide more information.

It sounds like you’re trying to move your site to Wix - is this correct? And then it sounds like (and from your screenshot), Wix want you to update your nameservers to Wix - is this correct? Have you done that yet? Can you share a screenshot of the nameserver configuration at your domain registrar?

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my domain registrar was webspacekit
now i change to Cloudflare because ezoic ask me to intigrate with Cloudflare so Cloudflare gave me name servers to change at my webspacekit registar…

file uploaded

Do you want to use Wix for your site? If so, you have two options: Wix Support

  • Remove the Cloudflare Nameservers and use the Wix provided ones
  • Or use their “Pointing” method: Wix Support. You could do this within Cloudflare’s DNS settings and keep using Cloudflare’s Nameservers if you wanted for this one.
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All your image URLs seem to be going through some kind of image formatting plugin called ezoimgfmt?

Additionally, all your image URLs reference Wix.

If you’re not using Wix any more, then it seems like all your website image links are broken because they’re still trying to use images hosted on Wix.

This isn’t a Cloudflare issue. This is due to the fact that you’ve moved away from Wix and have started using a different web host, and haven’t fixed all the media asset URLs in your website.

For example, this is one of your image URLs:,h_60,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,blur_2,enc_auto/f86fb8_846b525219f5456da07cdc6ca116e9bc~mv2.jpg?ezimgfmt=rs:1891x525/rscb1/ngcb1/notWebP

Keep in mind that these links are being cached by Cloudflare, so you may need to clear your cache if you make changes.

i want to go back to wix am trying to go but its not allowing currently even pointing is not working

What isn’t allowing you to? This isn’t very clear information so it’s very hard to understand what you’re trying to say.

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Ouh-ogh, multiple integrators, this is a bit difficult to resolve:

  1. Cloudflare
  2. Wix
  3. eZoic

There are two known possible ways to integrate Cloudflare using eZoic, one is either via their interface and pointing your domain name to “eZoic Cloudflare nameservers”, while the other is using your own Cloudflare account and your assigned Cloudflare nameservers alongside with eZoic ads.
In both cases, you’d have to check eZoic documentation and FAQ for proper configuration regarding cache, ads, etc.

Furthermore, once you manage this, you’d have to manage your DNS records at eZoic interface for your Cloudflare features and point to Wix from there, if Wix actually gives you some kind of a DNS records at all and if Wix allows “external domain connect”.

In case if Wix doesn’t allow you to connect “external domain”, then you cannot have Cloudflare integration within eZoic for Wix. Rather, only Wix without Cloudflare / eZoic.

Unfortunately WIX does not support using Cloudflare, helpful article:

Unfortunately, I am afraid it might be a painful experience for a customer with Wix as far as it can be when a domain isn’t being registered directly with them - which is what they’re asking you to do.

wix is not allowing me to follow the process what you sent me to do