Domain not caching URLs with get data specified

I run a very simple php script with 3 get data variables and I want cloudflare to cache them.

A typical URL looks like this:

My only rule:*
Cache Level: Cache Everything

I also have cache control header set to <?php header(‘Cache-Control: max-age=1000000’);

But it seems cloudflare doesn’t want to cache my pages. I know the variables could be an issue, but 90% of the traffic is just the exact same URL being requested, yet it doesn’t cache. The end result is that my page is actually slower instead of faster, and I need badly for it to be fast.

What can I do? Do I have to make URL rewrites so that the link will look something like ??? It seems unnecessary since it’s just a very little page with a redirect in it:

Maybe I have to specify something in order to make clouflare cache such redirect pages?

(edit: had to use a different example domain name in order to not have it link to an unrelated site)

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