Domain nameservers do not point to Cloudflare - does it still properly store cookie consents?

Hi! I have configured cookies collection and storage at Cloudflare for my client, following this tutorial for non-technical people:
I just received an Email from Cloudflare that my clients domain nameservers are not pointing to Cloudflare.
Are these two things somehow connected? Do the nameserver records must point to Cloudflare, in order to properly store the cookie consents?
Sorry if I sound very newbie in all this (because I am).

Kind regards,
Ruta D.

Hello, first, this is not a official Cloudflare tutorial. But their tutorial require you to have a Cloudflare account which is required to work with “Cloudflare Workers”.

Using workers actually does not require a domain hosted at Cloudflare, as shown in the tutorial.

AFAIK you will not need to move your whole domain (or NS) to Cloudflare since you can use a subdomain Cloudflare provides to you which will ne named something like:


Just create a Worker and you will be asked what subdomain you want to use:

Then continue with the tutorial.


@M4rt1n , thank you so much for your super fast reply!
I followed finsweet the tutorial and the worker seems to be working properly.
Then I will not worry about this Cloudflare email reminder about changing NS!
LG, Ruta

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