Domain / Nameservers configuration issues - followup

Hello again, I’m in the process to transfer a personal domain to Cloudflare ( from my current registrar and I’m having some issues. For the time being, I’ll keep hosting elsewhere — My idea is to use CF to manage my domains only for the time being.

Steps taken:

  • Unlocked domain at the other registrar
  • Changed nameservers to Cloudflare’s ones for validation by CF
  • Domain is already recognized by Cloudflare’s nameservers

Expected outcome:

  • Point domain back to my current hosting at Dreamhost
  • Manage and renew domains on Cloudflare from this point forward

Current Issues:
My current hosting (Dreamhost) detected the server name change and the site is currently offline due to nameservers pointing to Cloudflare instead of DH of course.

I’m not sure on how to fix this short of undoing the above steps if I can’t find a way to get Cloudflare and my hosting get together. Your prompt help will be appreciated. I’m attaching screen captures of the aforementioned domain at Cloudflare and Dreamhost respectively.

What I’m currently seeing is ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when I’m trying to open your site.

In most cases, you fix this by changing SSL mode to Full (strict) in Cloudflare.


Just changed this setting and this seems to have made the trick. I wonder how Cloudflare recognizes my hosting at DH if I’m not explicitly specifying their nameservers.

Now, for the next step (formalizing domain transfer to Cloudflare) I should be able to do it with the authorization code I was given by my former registrar, right?

The domain is also due for renewal in the next few days. Not sure if I should do it pre or post transfer (a big reason I’m moving domains to CF is to save on domain renewal costs - about 50% off my current registrar). Not sure who would be billing me here — Cloudflare or my current registrar.

Will kindly appreciate any help with these as I’m interested on transferring some more domains to my Cloudflare account and repeat these procedures.

Additional: On several subdomains I had previously set on the site (eg: I’m getting a “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error. Do I need to fix some redirection data on Cloudflare for this?

When you add a site to Cloudflare, Cloudflare will simply copy the current IP address of your website and some common subdomains. Those are the records you can see in your screenshot. You need to add any missing records by hand, so compare your DNS settings in Cloudflare with those of your host and make sure none are missing.

This is missing because freezer is not a common subdomain. You need to add the record by hand.

Have you looked at the Cloudflare documentation?

Also, right now most of your DNS records are proxied ( :norange: ). You need to unproxy any records that are not used for HTTP(S) content, like ftp, mail, mailboxes, ssh and autoconfig.


Thanks, so to recap:
— Just recreated the above mentioned subdomain using my host’s saved data. Doing fine. Should repeat procedure with any other non-standard subdomains already generated.
— Guess I’ll have to renew the domain at my current registrar first, then formalize transfer process at Cloudflare later.
— Repeat the procedures above with all other domains I plan to transfer here.

Now it sounds more straightforward. Thanks for your input.

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