Domain name violates tos2.8

I have a mp4 file (5mb) on my domain, which was attacked yesterday, the attack traffic 6t, currently my video file jumped to, and my domain also by Cloudflare speed limit, picture I have deleted my video files and the speed limit has not disappeared.

What should I do?

Did you receive any email regarding the action taken against your account?

no, I was not informed.

Consider using an alternative way to deliver those files. Stream would be the best option, but I believe workers or R2 would suffice (and wouldn’t break the TOS as far as I’m aware).

I have used Stream, but my domain restrictions are not lifted

Were you using stream before the limit? If not, then the lift should be removed automatically after some days.

You could try asking support to lift the issue now that you are using the right product.

I didn’t know this kind of stuff you’ll be breaking Cloudflare’s TOS.

Any non-HTML content is subject to 2.8. However, Cloudflare won’t terminate your project over a few images or a short video; this rule is usually enforced when you consume a lot of traffic.

I would like to know if the Cloudflare restrictions are permanent or temporary

Typically it’s temporary. If you keep breaking the TOS, the limits will eventually become more severe.