Domain name transfer unavailable because I haven't added a payment method, but I have

I am trying to transfer my domain name to Cloudflare and it says “In order to transfer domains, you must add a payment method” but I have added a payment method, and it is shown in the linked page. I only added the payment method today, but it’s been over an hour now so I would have expected it to register by now

Ok now I’m even more confused. I tried re-entering my payment method and it fixed it, and I waited over an hour for Cloudflare to register my IPS tag update, which my other registrar has confirmed has been updated, then a few minutes ago Cloudflare decided to not even show my domain anymore, and when I go to the transfer page, I get the same error as before, as though Cloudflare has decided my payment method isn’t valid (it is, but even if it wasn’t Cloudflare wouldn’t know because I’ve made no payments) and deleted the transfer request

Ok, I got an email from Cloudflare which says it might be because my .uk domain is less than 10 days away from expiring, so I have to renew with my current registrar before I can transfer it, though this is odd since I had just transferred to the current registrar earlier (I decided I didn’t like it, which is why I am now trying Cloudflare) so this must be a Cloudflare-specific limit

Nope, that is a load of ■■■■…I’m getting the same thing for many domains eligible to transfer. I want to transfer one in myself right now but I can’t, all I get is this page: Image 3-13-2022 at 7.09 PM. After 55 refreshes I do get my domain list of domains I could transfer, but it gives me the business about adding payment, which I have already because I have 250+ domains already registered via Cloudflare.

There was a problem in our side that caused the “add a payment method” message when there was a payment method, this was fixed days ago.
If your issue is still not resolved, please let us know the ticket number so we can take a look .



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I replied to the ticket.

The problem is that domain expired and one of the requirements is that domain should not expire in the next 10 days, as described in:

Transfer a uk domain to Cloudflare

Please renew the domain at your current Registrar and after that try to transfer the domain to Cloudflare Registrar.

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Why is that?

I dont know of any other registrar with such a requirement; in fact ive transfered expired .uk domains freely in the past at other registrars.

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Yep, I transferred from OVH to Netcetera just 4 days before it was due to expire, and it transferred within just a few minutes. Then I try to transfer to Cloudflare the next day and after a day, get told Netcetera denied it. But Netcetera didn’t deny it, Cloudflare did? And I don’t get told until 5 days after the domain had already expired why Cloudflare denied it.

yeah, I hope they remove such requirements for .uk domains;

I imagine many that are transferring to Cloudflare are doing so to save money, which goes hand in hand with transferring close to expiry date, but fall foul of this unexpected arbitrary rule at Cloudflare and end up having to renew the domain elsewhere, which perhaps also means theres little point in transferring to Cloudflare for another year.

This is a “bug” I run in to frequently and I think it’s to do with how the Cloudflare interface loads data in to it. When you have a lot of domains, it seems to cause a large delay in the ajax request containing your eligable domains. In the mean time, you get this false message about adding a payment method when you already have one.

We have seen several issues with domains transferred too close to expiry where issues have then arisen that take manual work from the team to fix. I imagine this is why the restriction has been imposed.

But for .uk domains? I think it’s more likely that it’s a global rule built around issues with transferring the initial list of TLD’s CF registrar worked with, and has just been left in place.

I work with pretty much every major registrar and also several uk tag holders and transfers close to or even after expiry are not an issue, theres no EPP auth codes, no email confirmation, no 6/7 day transfer time, no 60 day transfer limits etc for .uk domains. .uk domains can be transferred almost instantly and I know of only a couple registrars that take a little longer than that, but purely because if how their system works; i.e. OVH can take a few hours as they run things in batches.

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