Domain name Transfer Fee

Dear sir :

I transfer two domain to cloudflare, but it charged 9.77*2 for transfer fee a few days ago.
I have two questions that I want to clarify

  1. Why is the transfer fee written in per year terms, so does it mean I have to pay the fee once every year? Or is it a one-time fee that will not be charged again later?
  2. I’m not sure if the transfer fee is for extending the domain for another year? In fact, when I check, the URL expiration time does not seem to be extended?

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Domain registration fees come in three variants. New domains will require a registration fee. Every subsequent year requires a renewal fee to maintain the existing registration. Moving an existing registration to another registrar requires a transfer fee.

All of those fees are typically associated with a one year period being added to the term, although some top level domains behave differently. I think uk is one that uses different transfer rules. I don’t use any such TLDs, so I can’t offer a definitive list without taking time to search for it.

If you aren’t seeing the transfer date extended after your transfer competes, which is usually a five day period, you can open a registrar support request from your Cloudflare dashboard.

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To be specific, .uk transfers (and other TLDs offered by Nominet) have no transfer fee and don’t add any time (which makes sense, you didn’t pay for any extra time)

They’re so special they have their own documentation article:

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I transferred two exist .com domain (expired 2032), I will wait to check expend after 5 days. thank you

That’s probably the issue. There’s a limit of 10 years for a domain name registration so in your case maybe the extra year can’t be added if it’s got more than 9 years still to run…


If it can’t add an extra year, why is this fee still charged? Or will it be refunded later?

That’s up to ICANN and the TLD owners.

If you’ve already maxed out your expiration date, why are you transferring it?


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