Domain Name Transfer Expiration/Renewal

I have a domain with GoDaddy that won’t expire until 2028. If I move that domain to Cloudflare will I have to pay again for those 5 years of registration or will they be covered?

I am not aware of a TLD where the registry would drop paid periods with a transfer. That is not to say such a registry might not exist, but most (read “probably all”) registries and TLDs carry over any already paid periods.


Domain transfers always add one year to whatever time is left in the domain (except .uk domains). There is a 10 year maximum for all domains. I’m not sure exactly what happens if you transfer a domain with more than 9 years remaining, but the expiration date cannot be more than 10 years in the future, so you might lose some time in that situation.


Thank you @sandro and @Michael I have started the transfer process and as you have said the years I have at the previous registrar are still applicable plus an additional year added by the fee paid to Cloudflare.

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