Domain name show old deleted wordpress files

domain name shows server deleted wordpress index
already have purge everything on cloudflare side
on the server deleted wordpress
weird thing is on my computer pages shows up on google chrome while on explorer it shows wordpress deleted index page
try to disable cloudflare but domain name shows privacy notice
also tried to ask other to look into my domain name it shows deleted wordpress index

please help what is this

Is this what it’s supposed to look like? Cloudflare isn’t caching this page. The cache header is showing DYNAMIC.

no no no its not my page

its the old deleted wordpress file my site should be like this

help please any clue what happen ?

If that’s not what it’s supposed to look like, then I suggest you use the Overview page and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” so requests go straight to your server. It takes five minutes for the Pause to take effect.

i did several times already
the files in not on the server i deleted that already days ago

asking the server admin about it there reply is just
put the server ip but i did already

but the weird thing is why its showing on google chrome main browser but not on guest ?
i does not shows on explorer in the same computer

i ask others to look in to it it shows the deleted wordpress index

It’s best to leave Cloudflare paused until you resolve this with your host.

ok try this advice thanks

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finally the problem is solve
Question: domain name shows deleted wordpress index

Answer: the problem is on the server side
admin give me too addresses and i pointed to both of them
i just point to one and the problem is solve

i share this experience if the same problem comes to you
then try the answer

thanks to the people who help me fix it :slight_smile:

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