Domain name setting

I have created a websites

I don’t know how to fix the issue I am facing.

When I try to use web address without www its gives 522 error. It works only when I use complete web address i.e with www.

Could you help me to resolve this problem?


@sandro I went through all those…but does not seem to provide solutions. I face problem only when I am trying to use my site without www.

It works perfectly fine with complete web address

Does your naked domain and your www record point to the same server?

I am using google cloud to host my site and using cloudflare to use ssl certificate.

How to do this -

i have url redirected for my domain
@ to

cname record is www to

and name server is pointing to cloudflare.

You best pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right) and get your site working first.

Your Google server is only configured for “www” and does not know about the naked domain and it doesnt have any valid certificate. You need to fix these two things on that server before you can use Cloudflare.

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What do you mean by that? is my site not working?

Yes google server is only configured for “www”. Any idea how to do both of the things you suggested?

No, as you pointed out your site is not working and it is insecure on top of that as you dont have a valid certificate.

You should pause Cloudflare and first fix your site. Once that is working unpause.

but cloudflare provides free sll certificate…still do i need to install it?

Cloudflare does not provide a certificate. They install one on their proxies and thats it. Of course you also need a certificate on your server and that is currently missing.

How to get that and install it?

Please use a search engine for that.

You can also use Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates however.

okay thanks…any idea to use naked domain in google cloud hosting?

Thats a question for Google I am afraid.

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As for Origin certificates

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